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How It Works - Win/Win

At Flourished Properties we are real estate solutions and redevelopment company focused solely on the homeowner first then the property. As a small family owned business, we specifically focus on buying vacant and distressed homes (in need of repairs) in Atlanta. We do a thorough evaluation on the property in respect to the neighborhood and scope of work that we can handle. We either take on the project for a cosmetic rehab or work with other contractors and real estate investors to complete a full rehab. 

When we buy a home in cash, we cover all costs, no commissions are required. In the end we either finish the project on our own or assign it to one of our investors who may be more fit to take on the redevelopment project depending on the scope of work. That is how we stay in business, by helping our local homeowners get properties off their hands and feeding our bigger investors more projects that we can’t handle. Feel free to call, text or e-mail us if you have any more additional questions. We cherish quality relationships over quantity. 

Call/Text: 470-240-1994    |   E-mail:

$500 Referral Program

In the event that you may be able to send us referral projects, we reward just about anybody who puts us in touch with our local home owners looking to get rid of their property in Atlanta. You can contact us for details regarding our $500 Flourished Community Reward Program and we’ll gladly fill you.

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